Rocheleau is able to meet your needs day after day thanks to a close relationship with its different business partners. We work together to ensure that each selected, stored, manufactured and transported product is delivered to you in the best condition and expeditiously.

Here is a presentation of some of our proud partners:



Vibo develops refined and technologically advanced products. The production quality and the attention paid to the products design allow us to offer different kitchen planning systems such as our famous waste management centers.

Each Viefe decorative hardware product is designed according to a creative process developed by designers. We make sure to have knob and pull models that match your needs and the latest trends, with each new collection.



Grass is recognized worldwide for its functional hardware quality. Their technical precision allows us to offer you high-end products, which combine a refined design with specifications among the best on the market.

Salice is a company experienced in the innovation and development of functional hardware for many decades. Their multiple product lines allow us to diversify our offer in this product category.




A pioneer in its field, Meganite has increased expertise for over 20 yeas in the manufacture of acrylic solid surfaces with multiple options and colors. Their innovation led them to develop an antimicrobial surface that prevents the bacteria multiplication.

Art For Everyday is a pillar in the design and the manufacture of wooden decoration components. Their knowledge on this material and architecture allows us to provide you with personalized and innovative design elements.



Sugatsune creates quality hardware solutions with the core value of being original. It is providing uniquely designed and precision-engineering hardware products that create convenience and satisfaction for people.

Robertson screws are well known in the field of cabinetmaking. Although the creation of their models dates back over a century, their evolution is still felt by their modern manufacturing process which allows them to respond more easily to the growing demand of the industry.